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Recently, a huge number of large darknet markets have been defeated in the struggle for existence. Therefore, opportunities have opened up for new markets such as Empire Market. Today’s article is entirely devoted to the Empire Market review, and in it we will introduce you to the Empire site.

At the beginning of 2020, Empire Market is still the most popular dark web market. The number of new users is growing, but many people are wondering how to access the market and make a purchase.

If you are one of those who have questions related to the Empire site, then read our article until the end. Today you will learn a lot about the market, we will make a detailed analysis of all the details, which will be relevant in 2020 (screenshots, videos and much more).

Empire Market urls

The first question that many users have is where to get the current Empire Market url link. We will try to answer this question as briefly as possible.

The creators of Empire Market, due to the heavy load on the server due to ddos attacks by competitors, update links several times per hour.

Many sites that provide links for darknet markets simply don’t have time to follow these updates and post links that are no longer relevant.

We are committed to providing our users with only the latest Empire Market links that you can find on our website.

Current links for Empire Market:

Empire Market link

Watch our video where you can find out more about purchases on Empire Market.

To provide additional protection when visiting Empire Market, you must use VPN services. It is important to use only paid VPNs, as all free services monitor their users!

pcmag.com – will help you find a quality service.

Empire Market url

Empire Market review

Due to the fact that the government of many countries is actively fighting the distribution of illegal goods on the dark web, almost all major markets have been closed forever.

Experienced users will notice that Empire Market has a very similar interface to the now-closed large AlphaBay market. This allowed attracting the attention of old AlphaBay users who were left without the opportunity to purchase their usual products.

The creators of the Empire Market created this interface also for the reason that it is very convenient and informative, especially for new users who get lost when they see an unfamiliar site.

Market products

Is it time to tell you what sellers on the Empire Market onion offer today?

At the beginning of 2020, the market boasts a showcase of more than 53,000 products. Just a year ago, this figure was more than 2 times less. This can only say that Empire Market is actively developing, and more and more users are visiting it, among which there are many sellers.

At the moment, the market showcase includes the following products:

  • Fraud (Accounts & Bank Drops, CVV & Cards, Dumps)
  • Drugs & Chemicals (Alcohol, Benzos, Cannabis & Hashish, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Opioids, Prescription, Steroids, Stimulants, Tobacco, Weight Loss)
  • Guides & Tutorials (Drugs, Fraud, Hacking, Other, Security & Anonymity, Social Engineering)
  • Counterfeit Items (Clothing, Electronics, Jewelry, Money, Other, Fake IDs)
  • Digital Products (Erotica, E-Books, Fraud Software, Game Keys, Legit Software)
  • Jewels & Gold (Gold, Silver)
  • Carded Items (Clothing, Electronics, Appliances, Digital)
  • Services (Social Engineering, Carding)
  • Other Listings
  • Software & Malware (Botnets & Malware, Exploits, Exploit Kits, Security Software)
  • Security & Hosting (Hosting, VPN, SOCKS)

Empire Market onion

Site interface

As already mentioned, the site interface has a lot in common with the AlphaBay interface. Even the logo design was borrowed from this site. All this is done in order to attract old users of the past market.

Before you start using the market, you need to create your account. This is very simply, so it makes no sense to devote a lot of time to this topic in our article.

Go to the registration page and come up with the information for entering the account: Username, Password, pin-code.

After you log in to the market, the main page of the site will open in front of you. You can get to any section of the Empire Market from this page.

Now we will try to tell you about main sections of the main page.

Empire Market review

  1. Account management unit. You can get into the settings of your account from this block. For settings, you need to click on your username, after which you will be taken to a page where you can: specify the contacts of the account owner, upload an avatar, specify the PGP Public Key, change the Password and Six-digit Pin. Also from this block you can get to the page of one of the three cryptocurrency wallets for its further replenishment.
  2. Bar for site’s navigation. From this part of the site, you can navigate to some sections. HOME – the main page of the market. MESSAGES – page where you can send messages to other market users and sellers. ORDER – this section will store the history of your purchases. BECOME A VENDOR – this page is useful if you want to become a seller on the Empire Market site. BALANCE – the page on which the account balance is displayed. FEEDBACK – page with feedbacks of your profile. FORUMS – the market forum is currently not available. SUPPORT – A page where you can get help from the market administration.
  3. Block with basic profile information. In this block you can see the rating of your account, today’s date, and information on the total price of your purchases for the current period.
  4. AUTOSHOP block. On this page, you get the opportunity to buy credit cards in the fastest and most convenient way.
  5. Lottery block. In addition to the fact that the Empire website provides the opportunity to purchase goods, all users can participate in the closed lottery, the bid price is 1$.
  6. Shop window block. Here you can find the section with the category of goods you need. Click on one of the categories to get an extended list of products.
  7. Search block. Using the search bar, you can ask the market specific queries in order to save time when searching for the right product.
  8. Block advertising. In this part there are goods of those sellers who paid money for it. These are mainly sellers who have recently started their activities in the market.
  9. Safety block. This is the security level of your account. If the level is not high enough, then you will be offered several available methods for increasing it.

Purchase and payment

In order to make a purchase on the Empire Market place, of course you need to replenish the balance of your account with one of the cryptocurrencies (btc, xmr, ltc).

You can exchange your funds for cryptocurrency in any convenient way. But what if you first hear about cryptocurrencies and have no idea how to get it? In this case, we advise you to use a simple, and reliable service for monitoring exchangers – exchangersmonitor.com.

Just generate the wallet tied to the account, and paste it into the desired field during the exchange. Funds will not arrive immediately. Depending on the network load, the transaction will go from 10 minutes to several hours.

Empire Market site

Also on the balance page there is an opportunity to withdraw excess funds from the market wallet. Upon withdrawal, a small commission is charged in the amount of: 0.0002 BTC, 0.02 LTC and 0.02 XMR.

When there are enough funds on the balance, you can make a purchase.

Empire Marketplace

  1. Select the product you are interested in from the list.
  2. Enter the quantity of goods and currency for payment.
  3. Enter the data for delivery and once again verify the quantity of goods.
  4. After the above steps are done, you will find yourself on a page with information about the current status of the purchase.

The most important thing is safety

Safety is something you should take seriously. Being on Empire Market, you will be a potential victim not only for scammers and hackers, but also for the government, as people from special units will probably try to establish your identity.

To sum up, we divided the security into 2 parts (protection against fraud and hacking, how to hide our identity). Both of these points are very important, so if you read our article to this place, read this section!

Fraud and hacking protection

Protect your account should be at the registration stage. Do not specify too week password, as hackers will be able to crack it and gain access to your account.

What else can ensure account security:

  • Complex Pin-code. The pin-code consists of 6 digits, it serves as an additional password protection. Pin is requested when withdrawing funds from the market and purchasing goods. It is worth pointing out only a complex set of numbers, the predictable Pin-code can be easily cracked.
  • Login Phrase. This phrase should be indicated in order to be sure that you are on the Empire Market official link. Recently, fake market sites (phishing site) are appearing more and more, they look exactly like a real site, but their only goal is to take your money in any way. login phrase is a word or a set of words that you enter in your account or during registration. This phrase will be displayed on the main page of the market, a phishing site cannot know this phrase, so if you enter through a fake website, this phrase will not be displayed. In this case, immediately log out of your account and change the password.Empiremarketlink
  • 2-FA. This type of protection is the most effective way to prevent unauthorized access to your account. 2-FA is activated in the account settings. In order to use this method of protection, you will need to specify the public PGP key in your account (see instructions for setting PGP key). Having activated 2-FA protection, each time you log in to your account you will be asked to indicate the code that is generated in PGP. Accordingly, attackers will not be able to log into your account even knowing your password.Empiremarket
  • MNEMONIC. Imagine that you forgot your password or Pin, or the attacker gained access to your account and changed the login information. You can’t log into your account, so what to do? In such a situation, only MNEMONIC will help you out, this is a set of words that is given during registration, it must be remembered. To recover account information, market moderators will ask you to send these phrases.

Account security is done. Now let’s talk about how to protect yourself from fraud.

In any market, there may be sellers who want to trick their customer.

In order to protect yourself from fraud, you should always pay attention to the rating and reviews of the seller. The higher the seller’s rating, the more you can be sure that you will not be deceived.

The seller’s rating directly depends on the number of successful transactions. On the page of each seller there are comments of his past customers. Comments can be left only by users who have already made a purchase, so cheating positive reviews is excluded.

Empire official link

Remember! Between the seller and the buyer there is always an intermediate link in the form of a market administration. This suggests that when you pay for the purchase, the money does not go to the seller’s wallet immediately, but is held in a neutral market space. Therefore, if they try to deceive you, you can always contact the moderators to resolve the situation. The main thing is to collect as much evidence of your innocence as possible so that the dispute is resolved in your favor.

Hiding your identity

How to protect yourself from government attempts to reveal the identities of market participants?

The wild popularity of the Empire Market could not be overlooked by the anti-trafficking structures of the Internet. Let’s remember the famous Silk Road, which lost the war for the right to exist. Silk Road market participants who were not sufficiently protected were disclosed, and many were jailed.

Rules that you should always follow when you’re in your account:

  • Do not use personal information in the login (name, surname, date of birth, city of residence).
  • Encrypt all your messages by PGP key.
  • While correspondence with other market participants, do not give out personal information (name and surname, phone number, bank card number, current location, contacts from social networks). The market was created exclusively for trade, for communication there are other services.

It is always worth remembering that under the guise of market users, police officers may appear. Therefore, do not take any deliberate actions on its space.

To sum up

Today’s review was based solely on facts, and there is no bias in it. The market is really a cool place for shopping, which has no analogues.

We tried to tell you as much as possible about how to use the market. There was no unnecessary information in the review, we told only the most important facts and made an article so that even inexperienced users could figure it out.

We hope you enjoyed it, and if you liked it, we ask you to share it with your friends. See you and happy shopping!


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