Empire Market Anti-DDoS

Empire Market Anti-DDoS

Empire Market users over the past 6 months have experienced great inconvenience associated with access to the site. As you know, small competing markets organized DDoS attacks on the Empire Market website in order to complicate the work of the market and thereby entice users to themselves.

Administrators struggled with this problem for a long time, but its solution was not simple, because DDoS attacks were quite serious. Throughout the entire period of attacks, developers prepared a defense that could withstand the constant overload of servers. And finally, the Anti-DDoS tool for the market has reached its final stage.

In addition to internal changes that are not visible to users, a new captcha has been developed, in which it is now necessary to select circles in accordance with the figure. The old captcha was also finalized, and upper and lower case letters were added, and now only symbols highlighted in black should be indicated.

captcha empire

All measures helped solve the problem of access to the market. Now each user can go to the Empire site without any problems and easily make an order.

At the moment, not all links work with the new security system. Anti-DDoS is undergoing a test implementation stage. Soon, the developers will bring the new protection to the ultimate level of reliability and enable it for all market domains.


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