Empire lottery – learning how to bet on the market

Empire lottery

Besides the fact that Empire Market is the largest trading platform in darknet, the market includes a bitcoin lottery. All market participants have the opportunity to bet in order to try their luck and get a little rich.

In fact, a tote is a good addition to the market. Imagine that you bought the goods you need and you have a few dollars left on your account that you could not spend anywhere. In this situation, you can bet on the remaining funds, and if you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to purchase something else useful from the market window.

We personally checked the honesty of this lottery, and we can say with confidence that it is absolutely possible to win.

How you can start bet?

Open the main page, and pay attention to the left side of this page. Find the block called “LOTTERY” and click on the “Access the Lottery” button.

A page will open on which you can bet now. The cost of the bet is 1 $ USA.

For a bet, you select 6 numbers from 49 possible. Depending on how many numbers you guessed, the winning amount will be calculated.


Every day at 20:00 UTC, a lottery begins. Every ticket placed before this time gets into the lottery. Every ticket purchased during or after the lottery will be sent to the the next day lottery.

The hashes of the incoming blocks are used to calculate a number from 1 to 49 using this formula:

Duplicates may occur that are ignored. You can follow the process of dropping numbers in real time on the drawing page, and you can hover over the numbers to check the block-hash if you want to check the resulting number. This process is provably fair because no one knows the hashes of blocks that have not yet been mined.

The more numbers you guessed, the more money you will win.

The values ​​of all tickets that entered the lottery will be summarized together. 75% of all this pool is paid.

  • 6 correct numbers: 15%
  • 5 correct numbers: 10%
  • 4 correct numbers: 30%
  • 3 correct numbers: 20%
  • 2 correct numbers: ticket price x2

Winnings will be transferred to your balance immediately after 6 winning numbers are found.

If there is no winner in the game, the bank will be added to the bank the next day. If 2 or more people have the same number of correct numbers, the bank will be divided between all winners.



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