How hackers break user’s darknet market accounts

hackers break into users of darknet markets

Many users of darknet markets complain that btc disappears from their accounts. They blame market administrators for this. They claim that they use only official website and no one could know the password except themselves. But is it really so?

Today we will try to figure out in this, and will provide you with a fragment from correspondence with one of the hackers who is involved in the brute of accounts.

When btc disappears from your account in the darknet market, then you will surely blame the market for this. Indeed, in recent years there has been a tendency that many darknet markets are lost with the money of customers. But what about when money disappears from the account of a large market that has not let you down for so long?

Before you start writing to moderators expressing what you think about them, pay attention to the complexity of your password.

With the development of darknet forums, increased the number of hackers “beginners” who do not know how to program and create a hacking software. But it’s possible to buy this software on the forums, and now everyone can start trying to hack the accounts of major resources. We are talking about the hacking method “brute force”.

Bruteforce – abbreviated as brutus, a method used to gain access to other people’s accounts by sorting passwords through a list. Usually, all passwords that are searched are very simple.

As it happens, the theft of btc in most cases is the fault of the users themselves, who do not think about the complexity of the password. Empire Market administrators confirm this, as Looking through the market database, they discover many non-complex passwords, which in theory can be easily cracked. The administration notifies users with potentially dangerous passwords so that they change them to a more complex one as soon as possible, but most users do not pay attention to it.

At one of the forums we met a person who is engaged in the same enumeration of passwords. He agreed to give us a short interview. Our informant wanted to keep his nickname as a secret, so today we will call him “Hacker“.

  • Empiremarketlink24: Hi, tell me how much you are already hacking, and how did you come to this?
    • Hacker: Hi, it all started about 2 years ago. Through my friend I learned about a forum that was dedicated to hacking. Before that, I had never been fond of such topics, so at first it was not clear what its users were talking about. To begin with, I began to study the terms that were used in the discussions on this forum, and over time I began to understand them. About half a year I tried to study different areas, and tried to find something of my own, and finally I met with a brutus.
  • Empiremarketlink24: How can I protect myself from hacking?
    • Hacker: Everything is simpler than it might seem. If we are talking specifically about brutus (what I do), then it is enough to put a complex password on your account. It is also not superfluous to put 2-FA protection, it is almost 100% protection against brutus.
  • Empiremarketlink24: How much does the software you use cost and how hard is it to master it?
    • Hacker: To begin with, each program is tailored to a specific site, there is practically no universal software. If we are talking about a ready-made assembly, the price tag will not be high, around 200$, but in this case the software is sold to everyone. This means that many people will simultaneously try to find a password for the same site using the same algorithm. Due to this, the software is quickly banned. If you want to do professional brute force, then you need to find a developer who will make an individual program for the site you need. In this case, you can find a site that few people know yet and work on it alone. The price tag for developing such software may already be 2000$, but it’s worth it. To master this activity is not difficult, this is not programming. A couple of weeks of practice, and you can already see the first results.
  • Empiremarketlink24: Which sites are chosen for hacking and how long does it take to hack one account?
    • Hacker: Beginners are trying to hack large and well-known sites, and this is their mistake. Basically, a hacker with little experience will try to hack a site like “Steam” or “Facebook”, but such large sites have very powerful protection that will not allow hacking a lot of accounts, software will most likely stop working after a couple of days of active work. Experienced crackers, try to find sites with weak protection, and naturally, accounts should have something to profit from. Recently, much attention has been paid to darknet markets, on such sites there are many weakly protected users who do not put 2-FA protection, and their accounts have a good profit in the form of BTC. I would say this is ideal for brute, due to the fact that the markets are in Tor Browser. There is no such thing as “one account hacking time”, it all depends on how much your software is configured for a particular site.
  • Empiremarketlink24: Tell me if it’s not a secret, are they trying to hack Empire Market?
    • Hacker: Oh yes, they do. This is a very greasy place for brutus, but only the most advanced crackers can work on it. It’s all about protection, which prevents the software from working for a long time without interfering with the code. In addition, due to the fact that the site is trying to crack a large number of hackers, it very often crashes and changes links. This does not allow you to work comfortably and many drop out of this business, only the most patient remain.
  • Empiremarketlink24: How much do you earn?
    • Hacker: Well, not to say that with the help of brutus I get millions, but there is enough money for a good life. I have 7000$ – 14000$ per month from my activity. I would not say that this is a lot, but but I am satisfied! It would be possible to increase momentum and engage in the processing of large sites, but then the risk of getting behind bars increases.
  • Empiremarketlink24: But, yeh, aren’t you afraid that you will get caught?
    • Hacker: At first it was scary, every day I thought that some agents would knock on my door and take me away for interrogation. But over time, fear disappeared, I began to carefully select sites for hacking and assess the risks. I think those hackers who work on illegal resources, such as Empire Market, are least at risk.
  • Empiremarketlink24: How long are you going to hacking?
    • Hacker: To be honest, it’s already starting to bother, because I do not develop software, but using someone else’s is somehow monotonous. In general, I collect money, I try not to spend a lot on every little thing. I want to raise money for a couple of years of normal existence and begin to study programming.
  • Empiremarketlink24: Do your friends know what you do?
    • Hacker: No, I try to keep it a secret. I tell my friends and parents that I just work on the Internet. Sometimes friends ask them to teach, too, then you have to invent all sorts of stories about how difficult it is or that there is no longer any place in my sphere.

From the correspondence we learned that hackers are actively trying to select passwords for Empire Market accounts and other markets, as for them it is a safe and secure place to hack. If you are a market user, then you should pay attention to how much your account is protected. Choose a complex password and put 2-FA protection in order to complicate the work of crackers.


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