How to buy BTC and get them to your Empire Market account

Empire Market BTC

Many users who want to make a purchase on Empire Market are wondering how to exchange their money for BTC and deposit it into their account.

Today, the exchange of fiat currency for cryptocurrency still requires certain knowledge in this area, and an unprepared user may get confused in this matter. In addition, many still do not trust the exchangers and are afraid of losing their money.

In this article, we will analyze the purchase of BTC at the largest localbitcoins exchanger, which can be exchanged by users from anywhere in the world. We will also show how to transfer the acquired cryptocurrency to our account in Empire Market.

Exchange at localbitcoins

First, register an account on, registration is standard for all sites, so we will not pay much attention to this step.

After you log in to your account, you need to select certain parameters for the exchange.

To start the exchange, you need to select some parameters on the main page:

  1. Indicate the desired parameters (your country, currency, amount for exchange and the method by which you will transfer the money) after that click the “Search” button.
  2. In the updated window, exchangers will appear that correspond to the parameters you set. Select one of them by clicking the “Buy” button.

After you select a seller, you will be directed to the page to clarify the details of the exchange and communication with the seller.

On the left side of the page, indicate the amount of exchange and write to the seller a message that you are ready to start the exchange and that he would send you the details for payment.

After that, the transaction will begin. You should wait for a message from the exchanger, where he will indicate the requisites and specify the details of the transfer.

When the exchanger answers your message and sends the requisites, you must send the money as the exchanger requests it. After you send the funds, wait until the moment when your account is replenished with BTC (you can track this in the upper right corner of the page) and click the “Mark payment complete” button.

Done, you can start transferring BTC to the Empire Market account.

Depositing funds to your Empire Market account

In order to transfer BTC to your account, log in to your market account and copy the BTC wallet.

Empire Market site

After the wallet is copied, again go to the localbitcoins account and open the wallet page.

A page will be open where you can transfer BTC to any third-party wallet.

Enter the following information in order to start the transfer:

  1. Insert the BTC wallet that you copied from Empire Market.
  2. Indicate the amount for the transfer (taking into account a small commission).
  3. Specify the password for the account.
  4. Click the “Send from wallet” button

Done! Now you can wait the receipt of BTC in your account. This may take some time, as Transactions are not confirmed instantly (on average, from 20 minutes to 2 hours).


  1. Recently localbitcoins have been obliged to go through a complete identification, they ask you to send them your real data. I would not use this exchanger for purchases on Empire Market.


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