Sorry! There is something wrong with your account. Please contact support

Sorry! There is something wrong with your account. Please contact support

Have you encountered the fact that your account on Empire Market has lost the ability to withdraw funds? If you are one of those who saw the ominous inscription: “Sorry! There is something wrong with your account. Please contact support” this article is for you.

At the sight of such an inscription, an inexperienced user may think that Empire Market started a scam and decided to steal the money of its users, but this is not so!

Here’s the thing. The market administration is actively fighting the theft of funds from the accounts of market participants. Blocking btc output is one of the means to protect users.

Empire safe

A red inscription indicates that your account has been hacked and an unsuccessful attempt was made to withdraw funds by scammers. This situation could happen if the account did not pay attention to security, and fraudsters were able to pick up a password. Hacking could also happen if you entered your data on a phishing site.

If a user is suspected of hacking, the administration prohibits the withdrawal of funds on such an account.

How to unlock an account?

In order to get the opportunity to withdraw funds again, you need to write to the technical support of the market and confirm that you are the real owner of the account.

unblocking your Empire account

In the “SUPPORT” tab, select the “Create Ticket” section. A page will open for sending an email. Briefly describe the problem in the “Subject” field, select the “Withdrawal / Deposit” section in the “Reason” tab, fully describe the problem in the “Message” field and ask to unlock the withdrawal of funds.

In the response letter you will be asked first to change your password and pin code. Then you will be asked to send MNEMONIC (the set of words that was issued during registration). If you have not saved these phrases, the administration will offer to wait a while to make sure that the account belongs to you.

After the administrator makes sure that account is yours, there will be an opportunity to withdraw funds from the market again. In the future, you will need to take a more thoughtful approach to account security, as next time scammers can steal funds.



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