What kind of opportunities does the new captcha from Empire Market give?

darknet market capcha

Our favorite market, “Empire Market”, decided to end bots for good which trying to access the site. We are talking about scripts (program code running on a server) that send a huge number of requests to market domains. If you do not fight this phenomenon, then the server of any site will soon fall.

To combat bots, a captcha is placed on the home page of the site, which should only be understood by humans. The robot should not see masked characters in this picture.  If the robot does not see the characters, then it will not be able to go to the next page.  It seems simple, but in fact, not everything is so simple.

Captcha bypass

Captcha is just a set of characters in the picture, which is applied in such a way as to confuse the robot.But the robot can be programmed so that it can see hidden symbols in the image. Neural networks (artificial intelligence) are used for training. Already solved captchas are loaded into the neural network, and the machine begins to learn to solve the hidden meaning of the pictures using the existing examples.

Thus, using a captcha on the site is not 100% protection against bot penetration. How did Empire Market decide to deal with this problem?

Complex captcha

For effective combat with this problem, the market administration began work to strengthen the complexity of captcha existing at that time.

  • Here’s how the captcha originally looked (before its improvement):
Empire img

It is very easy to see black symbols,n such a picture, so the robot can easily solve it.  Work has begun on the revision of the captcha.

  • This is how the captcha looked after the first change:

Already better, but you can still see the characters without any problems.

  • The third improvement gave a very good result:

Chaos of many symbols appeared in the picture, and now it has become much more difficult for bots to solve such a captcha. But in fact, it turned out that due to the fact that you only need to enter black characters, such a captcha could still be solved without any problems.

  • Final changes

This version of captcha turned out to be very difficult to recognize. Even real users guessed it from several attempts, for which there were complaints from market participants.


Captcha  is an old, but very effective method of counteracting harmful transitions to the site. Since the new captcha was applied on the market, the site’s domains have ceased to be disabled due to the heavy load. Now market participants can forget about the ever-falling Empire website for at least some time!


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